Nyurpaya Kaika Burton


Born: 1949, Mt Conner

Language: Pitjantjatjara

Art Centre: Tjala Arts, Amata


Nyurpaya Kaika was born in 1949 at Ernabella and as a young woman worked there as a teacher, a position she held for over fifteen years. Nyurpaya has devoted the latter part of her career proudly representing Anangu and working to create a better future for the next generation. To this end she has worked as a Director of Amata Council, a Director for NPY Women's Council, and has also made a significant contribution as a long standing Director of Tjala Arts.

Nyurpaya Kaika has worked for Tjala Arts for over twenty years, as a multidisciplinary artist and in a leadership capacity as director and chairperson. Nyurpaya has received industry recognition for her innovative weaved sculptural works and installation pieces, many of which have been acquired by institutions and museums in Australia and abroad through Tjanpi Desert Weavers. Nyurpaya is currently writing her memoirs in her first language Pitjantjatjara and working on a podcast project in partnership with FBI radio.

Nyurpaya Kaika was one of the driving forces behind the inception of the APY Collective. She is passionate about the APY Art Centres and all that have been achieved through these important Anangu owned and governed businesses.


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"Anangu have a right to own their own business, to manage it and run it everyday as we choose. It is time for Aboriginal people to own a larger share in our Industry."